Member Perks in Denver

Member Perks in Denver

Check out our member perks!

Platform Daily

We will pin-point a comprehensive diet plan, custom to your lifestyle, that helps you feel you are at your peak potential in terms of fitness, energy levels, and mood.

Platform Daily includes:

  • Monthly Emfit challenge with chances to win swag
  • Personalized quiz to set your workout track
  • Live workout calendar from Platform Strength
  • Anytime access to virtual workout library

Included with your membership
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Trusted and loved by hundreds of Denver Residents

Located on the corner of 32nd and Blake Street!

Working out is what we love to do: not because we live in the gym, but because nothing is better THAN FEELING STRONG! Find out what strength training can do for you!

3198 Blake St Unit 100, Denver, CO 80205 United States
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It just takes a little consistency and the right community to get you out of your comfort zone! Platform Strength is excited to meet you, and help you GET STRONG.

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