Max Effort Vs. Dynamic Effort

We are back with another PLATFORM STRENGTH tidbit today and we are hoping you are ready to CRUSH THIS WEEK!

These emails are just a weekly tidbit from one of our coaches to help explain our programming a little better so you feel confident and strong as you take on these workouts. If you want to hear about something, please tell us! We know this program isn’t an easy one to do- and that’s why we are here.

TODAY IS ABOUT MAX EFFORT vs DYNAMIC EFFORT with COACH GEORGE. This is a huge piece of your program: 2 days max effort and 2 days dynamic effort, and it’s important to learn why we train that way.

Watch the video HERE!

If you are new to us, please feel free to email about former emails we have sent to get all the goods. 🙂

We hope you had a great weekend with food, friends, and family!! We are thankful for you!!

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