How to BUILD and how to BURN with coach Gary

Hey Platform Go Squad!

We are back with another weekly tidbit about our programming from Coach Gary this week, with some extra special videos to go with it. PLEASE WATCH 🙂 Last week Coach Sav talked about our ATHLETE program, and this week we wanted to send more info about our BURN and BUILD. Every week we will be sending tips, if you have requests on what to learn more about, SEND THEM!

(“You get to eat more. If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will.”)

BONUS VIDEO (Well done, Gary. Well done.)


If you haven’t had the chance to try our BUILD or BURN Program, or are unsure how they may help you with your goals, then consider these facts to help you choose which is right for you.

Lets start with our “Build” program:

1. This is a great program for growing those sexy muscles because we work in rep ranges that focus on hypertrophy. T

2. Muscle is metabolically active meaning the more you have the more your energy needs increase in order to maintain them. This means the more muscle you have the more you get to eat, which is a much more fun way to lose weight than starving yourself.

3. Strength training not only builds strong muscles but also strong joints! This means your joints become more resilient and injury free, assuming proper technique is being used.

Now lets look at some benefits of our “Burn” program:

1. This program brings the heat with high intensity so you can burn more calories in less time making your time in the gym more efficient.

2. We increase your aerobic capacity by using equipment like the airdyne bike and sled. By increasing your aerobic capacity you will be able to recover quicker between your lifting sets and be able to work for longer.

3. With the high intensity work we’ll be getting those endorphins going so you’ll leave the gym feeling happy and energized!

We love, love, love seeing you share your workouts, keep tagging us when you do them and we will keep sharing! OUR INSTA, and heads up for BLACK FRIDAY we are doing a discount on personal training sessions! If you are looking to improve form via video analysis, email us!

Keep crushing it!


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